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Love Crypto? Then Don’t Move To These 10 Countries

Crypto has been seeing an unprecedented adoption rate in recent times, but not every part of the country has been welcoming to this industry. A lot of governments have been resistant to the adoption of crypto, even when residents have expressed wanting to be a part of it. So for all of the crypto lovers out there, while you look at the best countries to visit in terms of crypto adoption, here are the top 10 countries that have a lot of catching up to do.

Top 10 Anti-Crypto Countries

A new report has revealed the top 10 anti-crypto countries, ranking them out of a score of 10. The report came up with a list of countries with the most anti-crypto stance. Some of these countries have outright banned cryptocurrencies, even though residents still invest in them.

The first on the list was Saudi Arabia, with a score of 8.83 out of 10. In Saudi Arabia, the purchase of cryptocurrencies is banned in banks, and the Forexsuggest report also gave it a score of 0 on the Adoption Index.

Denmark was the second most anti-crypto country, with a score of 8.50. This is a country where there are no crypto ATMs, and only about 1.39% of the entire population is said to own digital assets. Also scoring a 0 on the Adoption Index.

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Iceland came in third place with a score of 8.30. Also, this country has no Bitcoin ATMs and scores a 0 on the Adoption Index. The country is also pushing back against crypto miners by cutting power to them during a hydro energy supply shortage.

The next country on the list was Namibia. It is the only African country to appear on the list and also features the lowest interest of any country when it comes to digital assets. Its Adoption Index score is 0.02, and 1.59% of the population owns crypto.

Next was New Zealand. This country surprisingly has zero Bitcoin ATMs in the country with only 1.51% of the population owning cryptocurrencies. It scores 7.83 out of 10, making it the 5th most anti-crypto country in the world. 

The last five countries on the list also have a score higher than 7, with less than 2 Bitcoin ATMs in the whole of the country. Interest in digital assets is also very low in these areas. They are Japan, Luxembourg, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Norway, and Israel.

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