5 Best Upcoming Crypto Presales in 2022

Presales are often the best time to get involved in potentially exciting cryptocurrency projects. Private and public presales provide the opportunity to invest in a project at what could possibly be the lowest price before it hits centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Typically, a project would use the presale as seed capital to get its idea off the ground and provide a budget for marketing to a broader audience. But unfortunately, many projects have started to abuse presales by promising miracles to raise capital and then delivering next to nothing after raising the capital.

As a result, the buzz around potential profits from presales has dwindled as investors have become aware of the potential pitfalls. However, there are still strong projects worth the investment if you know what to look for.

Luckily, we’ve done some research for you and found five of the best upcoming crypto presales in 2022.

The 5 Best Upcoming Crypto Presales in 2022

  1. IMPT – A platform that allows users to easily offset their carbon emissions
  2. WeSendit – A file-transfer protocol moving into Web3
  3. EstateX – A fractional ownership real estate platform
  4. WagerGang – A decentralized play pool provider for sports and eSports events
  5. Memeland – A highly anticipated NFT collection from 9GAG

A Closer Look at the 5 Best Upcoming Crypto Presales in 2022
1.    IMPT

If you’ve ever wanted to do your part for the environment and easily offset your carbon emissions, then IMPT is something for you. With global warming and climate change on the rise, IMPT has created a platform to show the world that blockchain technology can be used for the greater good to benefit the entire planet.

IMPT is an ecosystem that connects socially responsible brands with businesses and individuals seeking to reduce their carbon footprint by providing them with easy ways to purchase carbon credits.

The entire system is designed to make it straightforward for individuals and businesses that want to offset their carbon footprint securely and provides them with the opportunity to help the environment positively.

If you’re unaware, carbon credits are permits that represent carbon emissions removed from the atmosphere. Each carbon credit represents the removal of one ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and serves as a token of representation for the carbon offset.

By law, large companies are typically required to purchase carbon credits to make up for their carbon emissions resulting from industrial production, delivery vehicles, and travel.

Unfortunately, today’s carbon credit market is fragmented and complex, making individuals and businesses hesitant to enter it. However, IMPT has a mission to change this by making the process to offset carbon emissions on an individual scale seamless.

The IMPT Carbon Marketplace allows users to buy, sell, and retire carbon credits easily. Having the entire process on the blockchain allows for transparency and helps avoid double counting and carbon credit fraud.

One of the platform’s great features is that users can also acquire carbon credits while doing regular shopping. This is possible through IMPT’s shopping platform, which has partnered with famous worldwide brands. Each brand is ready to allocate a specific sales margin percentage for environmental projects.

When a user purchases items from the partnered brands on the shopping platform, the sales margin is held in the user’s account in IMPT tokens until the user has enough tokens to purchase a carbon credit.

The carbon credits from IMPT are tokenized as NFTs, providing complete transparency and traceability. When a user wishes to retire a carbon credit, the NFT is sent to a burn address and is removed from existence.

The team envisions that after burning the carbon credits, the user will receive unique NFT collectibles created by artists, which could turn into an environmentally-conscious trend of its own.

IMPT will also create a social platform that incentivizes individuals and organizations to become more environmentally friendly. They will establish the first global score that will enable everyone to measure how impactful they are in terms of their own carbon footprints. The social platform will help users track their impact easily, and users will receive different rankings depending on how much of their carbon footprint has been offset.

If you’re wondering, IMPT is a carbon-zero company built on the Ethereum network, which recently shifted to PoS to reduce energy consumption by over 99.95%.

The project is now set to launch its first token presale, starting October 3, 2022, at 2 PM GMT. The “Early Adopter” phase saw 90 Million tokens sold in a matter of weeks while the current phase called “Presale 1”, will last for a month and will be followed by a “Presale 2” & “Presale 3”

In Presale 1, 600 million tokens will be offered at $0.018, Presale 2, 660 million tokens will be offered at $0.023, and in Presale 3, 540 million tokens will be offered at $0.028. Public Sale will take place when the 3 Presale phases are complete or in February 2023 at the latest.

To find out more, consider joining the project’s official Telegram group and follow them on Twitter.


2.    WeSendit

WeSendit is a decentralized solution for file sharing and cloud storage networks. The company has been providing file-sharing solutions for over ten years and is ready to bring its 3.5 million users into the Web3 age with their new token.

Launched in 2013, WeSendIt has been offering its file-sharing services to top brands, including Red Bull, Nike, Disney, and Facebook. Without launching a decentralized service, the platform has already reached over 3.5 million users in over 150 countries.

Now, the company is set to open a decentralized protocol and will host a presale for its WESENDIT (WSI) token that provides utility in the file-sharing ecosystem. Holders that pay for WeSendIt services using WSI will receive a 60% discount when sending files.

Keeping data private is the primary mission for WeSendIt. Their transfer service ensures that no personal data is leaked or sold to third parties. Furthermore, all the data that is transferred through its decentralized network is automatically encrypted to retain privacy for both sender and receiver.

The WESENDIT token (WSI) will be launched on the BEP-20 network with an initial circulating supply of 37.5 million WSI.

They have already completed the seed sale for the token – selling for $0.011, and are currently hosting the private sale to sell WSI for $0.017. After the private sale, WSI will move into the presale phase and sell the token for $0.032 per token.

Following their public launch, WeSendIt will introduce a Staking Program that will provide up to a 200% APR for its stakers. The APR is provided by the 1.5% transaction taxes on the network.

Overall, it’s fantastic to see an established company entering the Web3 space and launching its own token. The presale is scheduled for November, providing the perfect opportunity to get in early.

3.    EstateX

EstateX plans to totally revolutionize the future of investing in real estate by fractionalizing ownership in the property market to make it more accessible to a wider audience.

One of their main goals is to allow people to start their property journey by being able to invest as little as $100 by purchasing fractional shares in a real estate property.

A great feature of investing in property through EstateX is that no credit checks are required to become a property investor. In addition, investors aren’t required to put down hefty deposits to secure a property or take out a mortgage.

Another goal for EstateX is to provide in-depth education on investing in assets to the young generation that feels it might be out of their reach.

When a user purchases fractional shares in a property, their ownership will grant them passive cash flow, with dividends being paid in the native token $ESX. As the entire ecosystem is hosted on the blockchain, the entire process is completely transparent.

The token is set to launch a presale in the coming months, but you must be registered to the whitelist to be eligible to participate. The team will regularly release tokens to whitelisted members to allow them to purchase $ESX in batches.

Half of the funds generated from the $ESX presale will be sent straight to the platform’s investment fund, allowing EstateX to purchase the first batch of real estate for its ecosystem.

Adding further to the utility, $ESX tokens can also be staked to provide holders with an additional passive income stream.

4.    WagerGang

WagerGang is a decentralized play pool provider for sports and eSports events, which is designed to disrupt the traditional bookmaker model.

The entire premise of the project is to remove odds fixing from the industry and make wagers on sports contests 100% transparent by removing all of the handicaps.

Launching on the Binance Smart Chain, WagerGang will provide automated play pools (APP) in smart contracts that are each dedicated to a specific sporting event. All wagers on the platform will be made in $GANG tokens.

Once the match starts, the pool is locked until the event is finished and a settlement is reached. At the end of the event, an oracle registers the final score and feeds it into the system. At that point, the pool unlocks, and all winnings can be withdrawn from the pool.

In the event that an event is canceled, users that placed bets can withdraw their original wager without incurring any fees.

WagerGang intends to take the project much further by creating the first complete blockchain sports results and data oracle that will take all live sports data and transfer them on the blockchain for full transparency. The oracle will take the data from many verified sources to ensure the accuracy of the results. Different dApps will be able to integrate the oracle, providing additional outside fees for the GANG token itself.

The presale is currently live for $GANG token, and the platform will eventually become fully decentralized by Q1 2023. At that point, all $GANG token holders will vote on the project’s future direction through a DAO mechanism.

Lastly, it is important to mention that Solidity Finance has audited WagerGang, and the team is KYC’d through Cyberscope.

5.    Memeland

Memeland is a highly anticipated metaverse project created by 9GAG. Users are patiently waiting for Memeland to mint its Captains NFT collection because 9GAG has a reach of over 200 million users across the scope of its platforms. 9GAG is a highly popular meme website that started in 2008.

The Captains NFT collection will consist of 9,999 NFTS, utility-enabled PFPs that provide benefits such as access to the private members club and in-person 9GAG events. In addition, Captain NFT holders can stake their NFTs to produce MEME tokens, the utility token behind Memeland.

Furthermore, holders of the NFT also have exclusive access to the creator NFT marketplace and any future upcoming Memeland and 9GAG drops.

Investors are becoming increasingly excited about the Memeland metaverse. The project is backed by some of the most prominent investors in the space, including First Round Capital, Freestyle Capital, True Ventures, and Y Combinator.

With such a broad audience and a string of highly prominent investors, getting your hands on one of these Captain NFTs should be a great way to position into a budding metaverse.


All of the projects on this list provide fantastic opportunities to get in on exciting projects that have the potential to grow and give some profits to early presale investors.

In our opinion, the best presale to invest in today is certainly IMPT. This is because carbon emissions are increasingly becoming an essential topic in socio-political discussions, and IMPT is already positioned to be the leading cryptocurrency-based project suited to tackle the issue head-on.



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